Keta Technologies, LLC

Company Profile

Keta Technologies, L.L.C.
is a Virginia company providing IT professional services to private sector businesses and city, state, and federal customers.

The company was organized in 2003 by Kim Raines and Sharon Freeman-Raines, who have over 30 years combined experience in providing IT solutions and performing technical business analyses.

This blend of expertise allows us to provide our customers with highly technical yet cost effective solutions that will meet their current operational needs and position them for future growth. Keta Technologies, L.L.C. is headquartered in Hampton, Virginia.

  Service Solutions for Your Business

Infrastructure Architecture
IP Telephony/ Unified Communications
Business and Operational Services
      Network Management
      Legacy Systems Integration and/or Migration
Keta Technologies, L.L.C.   1001 North Campus Parkway, Suite 204 Hampton, VA 23666  |  Office: (757) 728-1150 Fax: (757) 728-1153  |  Email:
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